Mount climbing & waterfalls

Tanzania is often known for being home to Mount Kilimanjaro, a must-do for many visitors. It is also home to Mount Meru and picturesque waterfalls which make  a great day trip whilst in Arusha.

Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Meru

Tanzania is home to the world’s highest free-standing mountain and the highest mountain in Africa, standing at 5,895m. Every year, the mountain attracts visitors from all over the world, looking to conquer its famous peak.  The mountain has several routes to reach the summit and the average time to climb the mountain is between five to seven days.  

Not far from Africa’s highest peak is Mount Meru located in Arusha. Whilst this mountain is still an impressive 4,565m and is the fifth highest mountain in Africa, it is often overseen because of its close proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro. Some guides however, consider it more challenging than Kilimanjaro due to its steep rocky terrain and length of time to climb which is on average around three to four days.

Mount Meru Waterfalls, Arusha

Mount Meru is a highlight attraction in the city of Arusha. The reserve forests along the foothills of Meru boast picturesque scenery and landscape views over the city of Arusha. Hikes are available starting from town where you can observe local shopkeepers and women selling fruits and vegetables. The walk continues through forest area with tall trees and red berry plants before reaching a path which becomes gradually steeper, leading to the top of the hill. The top of the hill is a perfect place to have a spot of lunch before commencing the descent to the waterfall, which involves travelling through a stream and a light scramble over rocks. The waterfall itself is hidden amongst the rocks and offers a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

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