Trips and Excursions

If you're looking for a cultural experience or adventure while you're in Arusha, we can help to organise a tour for you whether it's a day trip to the waterfalls or three day safaro. By booking through us, we can use our local connections to offer you a great price and help save you money. If you're unsure of your plans, you can arrange the trip with us once you arrive at The Greenhouse.

Maasai village

Explore the local Maasai communities and learn more about their impressive culture which has been well preserved since the 15th century. When you arrive at the Maasai village you will be welcomed by a traditional ceremony which includes dancing and singing. You will also walk with your guide to visit a boma, a traditional Maasai home. The guide will show you around the village and explain the traditional lifestyle of the Maasai tribe. 

Marangu Waterfalls/ Kurikye Caves/ Hot Springs, Chemka

Marangu Waterfalls, Kurikye Caves and Hot Springs can all be visited as part of an enjoyable day trip from Arusha. The Marangu Waterfalls lie at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, surrounded by lush landscapes and can be explored by foot. After hiking and descending through the stunning, green landscape for approximately one hour, you will reach a huge waterfall where guests can swim and take in the views. You can also watch the ancient techniques of traditional Chagga (the largest tribe in Northern Tanzania) coffee roasting where you can pick, roast, brew and drink you very own cup of delicious fresh coffee. The Hot Springs are located approximately 2 hours’ drive from Arusha town in Chemka. Hidden by a beautiful green forest, the natural hot springs are ideal for taking a relaxing dip or simply to use as a backdrop for a picnic or BBQ. 

Lake Duluti

Nestled just a few kilometres from Arusha town, Lake Duluti is a crater lake, sacred to the local Meru people. Duluti forest offers a canopy amongst the shores of the lake and visitors can walk around the lake's perimeter, allowing walkers the chance to see the forest and all its natural beauty and wildlife, particularly Duluti’s numerous bird species.  Visitors can also canoe along the lake in traditional wooden canoes and have lunch along the shores in the picnic areas.

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