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The Greenhouse welcomes you to volunteer with our nonprofit organisation, The Green Living Planet (GLP). There are many aspects of work that volunteers can get involved with from helping to implement environmental activities in Arusha from tree planting to building vegetable gardens and access to water projects. Volunteers can spend time on our projects from as little as one week or up to several months. For more information, follow the link below to The Green Living Planet's website to find out more. 


Volunteer Fees

We don't believe in charging people to volunteer. The cost for volunteering with GLP is $140 USD per week which covers your accommodation, breakfast and dinner, orientation and pick-up from Kilimanjaro airport, Arusha airport or Arusha town upon arrival (if volunteering for 4 weeks or more). Fees do not cover flight costs, travel insurance, resident permits,  volunteer visas and any optional day or weekend trips.

Please note that Tanzanian law states that volunteers must also obtain a Class C volunteer work permit once you arrive in Arusha. The Class C permit costs $200 USD and is easily obtained from the Immigration office in Arusha and we can assist you in applying for the permit. The permit fee will be in addition to the tourist visa fee and is valid for up to 90 days. Please contact us for more details.


Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in any of our active projects are all focused around supporting local communities in Arusha with environmental activities.

Tree planting, growing & teaching

GLP plants trees in schools, orphanages, villages and other open areas. When GLP begins a partnership with a school, our first aim is to educate students about the different environmental challenges and help them to identify possible solutions. GLP volunteers will then plant no less than 200 trees around the school grounds. This project is often a student’s first introduction, not only to GLP but to any sort of environmental project. After planting is complete, the volunteers help to teach the children about the positive environmental impact planting trees can have by preventing soil erosion, moderating the climate, retaining moisture and so forth.

Access to clean water

GLP is committed to making a lasting impact in the areas that we work in. We work with local chairmen and other community leaders to identify a viable solution to the lack of access to clean water in the community surrounding the schools we partner with. Each of these projects will be different as each community will have different needs. At Terrat School in Arusha, we worked with volunteers, teachers, students and the local community to dig a trench and replace old pipes to the water source over 1000m away from the school, repaired the school’s storage tank and installed a new water pump to give the school access to clean water at all times.


We're conscious about the waste that we create and the impact it has on the environment.  We have experimented with planting trees using bio-degradable toilet roll holders instead of  plastic bags and we use a filtered sewage system for our centre’s vegetable gardens.  Currently we are experimenting with old wine bottles to make new drinking glasses, candle holders and mirrors.

Medical programmes

Our volunteers work in medical clinics, dispensaries and hospitals in and around Arusha. Volunteer tasks vary and depend on the level of experience, qualifications etc. Medical students can assist the local doctors and staff with basic tasks such as checking weight and temperature of the students, cleaning wounds and other administrative tasks. They work in a variety of areas including maternal health, surgery, laboratories, counselling and testing etc.

Sustainable gardening

Each school that GLP supports will participate in a school lunch programme where the goal is to start a sustainable source of food and nutrition for the students. In most cases volunteers will help build African-style keyhole gardens to grow the food necessary for a school lunch programme. Volunteers can participate in the preparation of the project, fundraising and the actual build alongside students.


Permaculture is an integral part of our programme as it moves beyond women and children to include working with farmers and homeowners within the community. Volunteers with a background in permaculture who choose to participate in permaculture training for the community will help to compile manuals and guides and run short courses alongside GLP, teaching the local community and Maasai Villages.

Women’s development projects

GLP encourages the creation of a women’s development group in each of the schools we work with. Most often, these groups exist as a vehicle for income generation for women to have the opportunity to make extra money for their families. These groups have full autonomy to choose the focus of their project and receive support and guidance from GLP. They will also be responsible for helping to maintain the vegetable gardens and trees that have been planted at the local school.

Working at an orphanage

We work with different orphanages in and around Arusha. As a volunteer your main role would be to work alongside the existing staff to care for the children in orphanages. The work in a children’s home involves teaching children and educational games, helping at mealtimes and supporting daily duties such as laundry and cleaning. Volunteers will also help the children with homework and play games.

Sombetini, Arusha

Tanzania, East Africa


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